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Mountains in the Sea is husband-and-wife indie pop duo Phil and Angela Lamb, based out of Spokane, WA. The pair fuses blues guitar with hooky indie pop melodies and syncopated rhythms to form a sound that is both modern and a bit nostalgic. 

The pacific northwest duo met in 2011, bonded over shared musical interests, and a cross-country (WA to NC) romance quickly developed. After overcoming the distance and marrying in 2012 they began performing locally as a duo and as part of five-piece indie rock band The South Hill. In 2018 they formed new project Mountains in the Sea as an outlet for an indie electropop sound they were honing in on together.

Mountains in the Sea has a fresh sound that meaningfully melds together infectious pop lines, blues influences, and a thoughtful indie-electro undertone, creating a tracks that are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey meets The Postal Service, with a dash of The Black Keys' grit. 

They hit the road to travel around the country in their RV, playing, writing, and recording new music along the way, and chronicling their journey on their Instagram and YouTube pages. The duo is recording their second studio album, releasing several singles leading up to the album's debut. 

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mountains in the sea album cover

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Spokesman Review, May 2020 


"Higher" Press 

"Higher is Mountains in the Sea’s new single and it sounds very impressive. I adore the alluring vocals. Besides, the electronic elements are impressive. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the powerful chorus!" -Lefuturewave

"The song perfectly represents their music style, which is characterized by fresh sound that blends infectious pop lines, blues influences, and a thoughtful indie-electro undertone. The song stands out for its remarkable beat and chorus, Angela Lamb’s delicate voice, powerful electonic bass sounds and blues guitars licks. The track features an impressive melodic constructions, while such inspirations as Lana Del Rey, The Postal Service, and The Black Keys are easily recognizable." -Conversations About Her

"The soft spoken word and groovy energy are infectiously catchy. Titled ‘Higher’. It’s exciting, it’s catchy, and Mountains in the Sea brings charming energy that you can’t help but fall in love with. For fans of electro-pop, here’s the song you didn’t know you needed." -Keep Walking Music

"Wavin' to My Haters" Press 

"Wailing guitar, a snappy beat, and some powerful and sultry vocals, Mountains in the Sea is waving hello to everyone who listens." -Unheard Gems

"Let's Go" Press

"...the perfect sound for today. The vocals have a unique vibe and will enchant you in a few seconds. Furthermore, the melodic construction is well structured and the warm textures are wonderful!" -Lefuturewave

"Well, This Is Christmas" Press

"Mountains in the Sea is releasing a Holiday single titled, “Well, This Is Christmas.” The duet presents a solid track with a-pop vibe featuring female vocals, ukulele, blues guitar, and subdued jazzy drums. The lyrics are wonderful and the chemistry between the two is contagious." -Staccatofy

"Mountains in the Sea write a tuneful love letter with 'Well, This Is Christmas'" -Atwood Magazine

"Better Way" Press

"The duo, who also are members of Spokane band The South Hill, keep some of that band’s indie rock sensibility in the texture and rhythms of Better Way but infuse it with subtly pulsating electronica and a real ear for an understated yet effective series of musical hooks.

The vocals merge into one with the gentle arrangement, with Angela Lamb’s clear yet emotionally reassuring tones – reminiscent of Harriet Wheeler or Lauren Mayberry – add to the sense that as long as the song plays on, and possibly beyond, things are going to be OK." -Analogue Trash

"A soft pop song based on an electronic foundation and with a dreamlike feeling over the production." - PopMuzik

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