Mountains in the Sea is husband-and-wife indie pop duo made up of Phil and Angela Lamb. The pair will sheepishly tell you they met online on Facebook through mutual friends in 2011, and after a long distance (like, 3,000-miles-long) whirlwind romance, they married and settled in Spokane, WA. But music was always a part of their story. 

Phil was about to give up on the idea of pursuing a long distance relationship when Angela texted him a cover of her singing Ingrid Michaelson with ukulele, and her gentle, Norah-Jones-esque vocals hooked him. It wasn't long before they married, settled in Washington state, and began playing music locally.  

Several musical projects and two babies later, the pair finally felt they found their sound as a duo when they began writing for Mountains in the Sea in early 2018. They blend indie electronic influences with catchy pop hooks, building up their songs with layered harmonies and adding in strong lead guitar lines as the icing on the cake. 

Some couples wouldn't like to work together, but Mountains in the Sea are inseparable, and their chemistry on and off stage is undeniable. The pair uses loop pedals to build their songs live, each of them playing several instruments and layering harmonies. The duo released their debut album in August of 2020, and has since dropped several other singles, leading up to their second full-length album. They also travel around the country in their renovated RV (@mtnsintherv), writing, recording, and performing music as they go.


"The duo, who also are members of Spokane band The South Hill, keep some of that band’s indie rock sensibility in the texture and rhythms of Better Way but infuse it with subtly pulsating electronica and a real ear for an understated yet effective series of musical hooks.

The vocals merge into one with the gentle arrangement, with Angela Lamb’s clear yet emotionally reassuring tones – reminiscent of Harriet Wheeler or Lauren Mayberry – add to the sense that as long as the song plays on, and possibly beyond, things are going to be OK." - Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash